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time to write ab ackstory

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       ☆~ "While I was curious as to where you’d run off to for the last while, I’ll admit that I haven’t missed you one bit."


       After all, his comments were partly the root of why he’d fallen in the first place… not that he was ever going to admit that.


"Cold as ever, aren’t you? Tsk, tsk. You’re allowed to be honest, love.” His smile merely grows, unfazed.

"One day I may just vanish for good, you know? Time is too short to be playing hard to get.

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       ☆~ "Oh."



"Now, what’s that look? Didn’t you miss me?”

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all alone, i'm waiting for you
                         your knock upon that forgotten door 

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nobody comes to play with me
                         nobody ever sings to me
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Mun & Muse: A Comparison by Me

♕ M U N  |  I N F O R M A T I O N ♕

Name: senna
Nicknames: sennachii, sennarin, your highness, princess
Wishlist Nickname: please just refer to me as royalty
Height: 5’6”
Eye Color: light green
Hair Color: naturally blonde, but i’m a dark brunette right now
Ethnicity: italian/scottish
Lives in: alberta, canada
Relationship Status: taken
Character(s) Most Identifies with: i am garbage i will not taint a character with my trash qualities 
Hobbies: writing, art, singing, cosplay, eating sweets
Special talent(s): i don’t have any
Warning/disclaimer: i get paranoid and scared very easily i’m actually awful bye
Struggling With: everything

M U S E  |  I N F O R M A T I O N 

Name: ??? who knows
Nicknames: hamlet, jackass, baku, asshole, jerk, loser
Wishlist Nickname: he doesn’t really care what you call him
Birthday: ??? he old
Height: 5’9” or so, it depends
Eye Color: black like his fucking soul ( what’s left of it )
Hair Color: blonde
Ethnicity: ??? european probably
Lives in: narnia tbh
Relationship Status: confused no idk 
Classification: spirit
Special talent(s): amounting to more sass than anyone’s ever needed or wanted while simultaneously managing to be both a charming gentleman and a complete jackass
Struggling With: not axing this one guy’s girlfriend

In conclusion: Same tbh lmao |  Almost | Ehh...
Not Really | Nope | In a Galaxy Far Far Away |

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Anonimo asked:
I miss you, baku!


"Is that so? Unfortunately,  I’m afraid my return won’t be entirely welcome; just yet. Your patience is a gift, love.”

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