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Mun & Muse: A Comparison by Me

♕ M U N  |  I N F O R M A T I O N ♕

Name: senna
Nicknames: sennachii, sennarin, your highness, princess
Wishlist Nickname: please just refer to me as royalty
Height: 5’6”
Eye Color: light green
Hair Color: naturally blonde, but i’m a dark brunette right now
Ethnicity: italian/scottish
Lives in: alberta, canada
Relationship Status: taken
Character(s) Most Identifies with: i am garbage i will not taint a character with my trash qualities 
Hobbies: writing, art, singing, cosplay, eating sweets
Special talent(s): i don’t have any
Warning/disclaimer: i get paranoid and scared very easily i’m actually awful bye
Struggling With: everything

M U S E  |  I N F O R M A T I O N 

Name: ??? who knows
Nicknames: hamlet, jackass, baku, asshole, jerk, loser
Wishlist Nickname: he doesn’t really care what you call him
Birthday: ??? he old
Height: 5’9” or so, it depends
Eye Color: black like his fucking soul ( what’s left of it )
Hair Color: blonde
Ethnicity: ??? european probably
Lives in: narnia tbh
Relationship Status: confused no idk 
Classification: spirit
Special talent(s): amounting to more sass than anyone’s ever needed or wanted while simultaneously managing to be both a charming gentleman and a complete jackass
Struggling With: not axing this one guy’s girlfriend

In conclusion: Same tbh lmao |  Almost | Ehh...
Not Really | Nope | In a Galaxy Far Far Away |

(Fonte: guilty-beautiful-lover)

Anonimo asked:
I miss you, baku!


"Is that so? Unfortunately,  I’m afraid my return won’t be entirely welcome; just yet. Your patience is a gift, love.”

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songbird yes


“Who’s the shy one now?”

"Is that a game you really want to play?"

(Fonte: monochromegentleman)

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songbird no

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what have i started

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        ☆~ "Not especially."


"Now, now, don’t hold back. There’s more than enough of me to go around. In fact, would you prefer two? Three, perhaps? I don’t believe I’ve had a chance to make certain of your.. tastes.”

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"whaT THE HELL-" she pulls it back open because it doesn’t have locks oh

What’s that? A magic lock? The door stays shut.

Clever bastard.

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"Get a room, you two." she ain’t even mad i-

"How generous."

Swings Missy’s bedroom door shut.

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"I wasn’t aware voyeurism was such a common hobby.”